07 10月, 2015

シンガポールの国際アワード「FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016」エントリー受付中

FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016 invites entries for:

Green projects defined as new, restored, rehabilitated or converted, which must be completed before 21st December 2015. The projects must be located within Asia or Australia. Entries are invited in six categories:

    1.     Residential – Individual Houses
    2.     Residential – Multiple Houses
    3.     Commercial
    4.     Institutional
    5.     Interior
    6.     Socially-Inclusive Development

The competition is open to property developers (listed and non-listed); registered architects; and other professionals in the building and construction industry, and the award recognises the TEAM behind the completed project.

The project – defined as new, restored, rehabilitated or converted – must be completed before 21st December 2015.
The project must be located within Asia or Australia.

Closing date for online submission: 21st December 2015.
Winners' notification: 4th April 2016.