07 10月, 2015

シンガポールの国際アワード「FuturArc Prize 2016」エントリー受付中

Small Things, Big Impact | Eco-puncture for more liveable, resilient cities

Our cities and neighbourhoods, the complex flows of people and resources that support them, are mostly in place and functioning, successfully or otherwise. But often, the meso-scale between building and infrastructure is neglected — that subtle realm between private development and urban network, that tenuous in-between world between planned and unplanned. This is our commons. It might be civic space, it might be nesting place for birds; it might be a conduit for water. It may well be all of the above. This space functions or dysfunctions informally, with no assistance or attention. And because it has no name, no custodian, it is left to waste or (worse) eliminated in endless cycles of urban renewal.

What if we could claim that space with small acts of eco-puncture? What would that look like, and more importantly, what manner of change would that offer? How might many small things — functioning as discrete elements but acting together — trigger a systemic change, giving us more liveable, more resilient cities?

FuturArc Prize is open to professional architects and architecture students.
15 September 2015 to 21 December 2015.
Prize money to be won.